Rustic Bohemian Wedding Invitation Template with Pink Watercolor Flowers
Are you a boho chic? this template might be just for your bohemian theme wedding!  Click the image to purchase!


Marsala Flowers Wedding Invitation Printable
I  finally got to make a design using these lovely marsala watercolor flowers. The design also looks a little rustic and comes with wreath, skull and feathers that I can use for bohemian themes. I only have two sets of designs at the moment, but I’m still excited to create other variations of it! Will …


Rustic/Retro Wedding Invitation
It always excites me to create something new. Even if a client has simple taste, I still get to play around and be happy with what I can come up with. But I can’t take all the credit, the client still has the final say 🙂


Monetary Gift Request Wordings
With all that we have, we’ve been truly blessed. Your presence and prayers are all that we request. But if you desire to give nonetheless, Monetary gift is one we suggest. – – – Your presence at our wedding is present enough but if we are honored with a gift from you, a monetary gift …