Flearn Ph is a startup marketplace with the mission to empower people make a living through digital goods. We want to help people who wanna work from home and turn their passion into opportunity.

With just an internet connection and any skills in design, art or writing, creators can make a living right in the space of their own homes. We’ve been inspired by how it has helped us and we wanna share this opportunity to as much people as we can.

The love for creating designs is how we got into this business. We used to help friends in making invitations. We saw a potential income while doing something we enjoy so we started Prints by Flearn. Flearn is a combination of the names Ferdi & Lani. We created a Facebook Page, October 2016. Thanks to Facebook, we were able to create an online store and market our designs to people we don’t personally know. August of 2018, we had to close our print business to attend to more important things in life – our family.

In September 2017, we launched our online shop thru a popular marketplace to make our printables available worldwide. For more than a year, we made almost 400 sales and 29 5-star reviews! More than enough to realize that we can continue to do this business through digital goods. A year after and due to fortunate events, we have finally transferred our products to our own website. Since then, we’ve been able to market more various types of products.

We have always been inspired by many things around us and we have always believed that we are only bound to grow. We also believe that we have a responsibility to the world that’s why we thought of opening our shop to others who once wished to work from home, earn from doing what they love, have freedom to work on their own hours and most importantly, spend more time with their families.