The love for creating designs is how we got into this business. We used to help friends in making invitations. We saw a potential income while doing something we enjoy so we started Prints by Flearn. Flearn is a combination of the names Ferdi & Lani. We created a Facebook Page, October 2016. Thanks to Facebook, we were able to put up an online store and market our designs to people we don’t personally know. August of 2018, we had to close our print business to attend to more important things in life – our family.

In September 2017, we launched our etsy shop to make our printables available worldwide. For more than a year we made almost 400 sales and 29 5-star reviews! More than enough to realize that we can continue to do this business through digital goods. After a year and due to fortunate events, we were able to put up our own website and move our products here. We are now able to offer flexible terms and more various types of printables.