Wedding & Debut Brochure Designs

January 10, 2018


Wedding & Debut Brochure Designs

When I created the Templates page, my initial intention was to be found on Facebook using the keywords templates and printables. But I found myself being more productive without the physical product so I think I’d go full time on doing digital products and less of the printing.

Ms. Angela was my first client for this page. I didn’t wanna link it to the Prints page because most people don’t read. And I don’t wanna confuse them with the services that we offer, so it’s best this way I believe. I am so grateful that even without a background or link to my previous works, she still trusted me to make a design for her brochure. These designs are already the second batch. I plan to always improve and do better so I really hope to have met her expectations. 🙂

check out her page here.


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